Eine kleine Auflistung was in welchen Logs zu finden ist auf einem ESX Host:

Service Console, /var/log/messages
-general log messages for esx host or vm (should be checked for troubleshooting)

VMkernel, /var/log/vmkernel
-related to the VMs and esx host

VMkernel Warnings, /var/log/vmkwarning
– VMs activities

VMkernel Summary, /var/log/vmksummary
-determine uptime and availability esx hosts also check /var/log/vmksummary.txt for more human friendly version

esx boot, /var/log/vmware/esxcfg-boot.log
-records all ESX boot events

esx update, /var/log/vmware/esxupdate.log.
-any update applied using esx-update tool

Web Access, /var/log/vmware/webAccess
-log any web access activity to the esx host

Authentication, /var/log/secure
-log any authentication related

vpxa, /var/log/vmware/vpxa.log
-agent activity when communicating with virtual center

esx Firewall, /var/log/vmware/esxcfg-firewall.log
– as the name implies