At the beginning of this month VMware released the Update 4 for its management tier vCenter.
Yesterday the company also pushed the big update for the hypervisor itself.

The new Update 4 (build 153875) is available for both ESX 3.5 and ESXi and includes:

  • support for Intel Xeon 5500 series CPUs (codename Nehalem)
  • support for Novell SUSE Enterprise Linux 11 (both Server and Desktop, both 32bit and 64bit),
  • Ubuntu 8.10 (both Server and Desktop, both 32bit and 64bit), Windows PE 2.0 as guest OSes
  • support for new SATA Controllers (from PMC, Intel, CERC and HP)
  • support for new NICs (from HP, NetXtreme and Intel, including the just announced ones with VT-c)
  • support for new storage arrays (from Sun)
  • support for new management agents (from Dell and HP)
  • an enhanced VMXNET driver for Windows XP and 2003 (which will require the re-installation of VMware Tools)

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